Technology continues to advance; the line between machines and people blurs further. It is early 2023, and publications and blogs alike are a buzz with articles showing the advancement of AI talking with regular humans – ChatGPT , released in December of 2022.

The GPT in ChatGPT stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer. I know this because I asked the program, which stated it is trained on “a dataset of billions of words and fine-tuned to perform a variety of language tasks such as question answering, translation, and summarization.”

This is the first time I have ever quoted a computer.

ChatGPT ‘s human attributes are underdeveloped. It can write essays and hold conversations with humans, sometimes very well. Ask it to define a sonnet, and it can state the variations with ease. Ask it to WRITE a sonnet, and specify your chosen variation; it will instead provide you some sappy end-rhyme non-sonnet quasi poetry. Score: Human-1; ChatGPT – 0.

Professional and some hobbyist athletes seek machine like optimization, tracking performance data and tuning their bodies with specific food as fuel. Add data about exercise intensity and recovery periods tailored to their individual statistics and capabilities. The best example? Ultra runners. Ultra runners push the limits of human endurance.

An ultra marathon is any race that’s longer than the traditional marathon length of 26.2 miles, typically 50k (31.1ish miles) or more. Because distance alone is not challenging enough to ultra athletes, the terrain for ultra marathon sometimes resembles a cross country race with extreme hills. Ultra = ultimate in terms of challenge, transforming the body and mind into machine-level operation. People seeking to perform like machines.

Machines and people (with the aid of machines) amass gargantuan expanses of data in pursuit of these examples of optimization. Data privacy is therefore a major concern. People increasingly rely more heavily on all types of digital devices and those devices’ on-demand Internet-based calculations and conclusions. Cybersecurity practices span operations of both people and machines to protect data and keep it private. Cybersecurity happens with the efforts of people, processes, and technology. In that order.

Technology and people must work together in order to achieve optimal results throughout the people/machine interchange and securing the data collected and stored along the way. The Internet of Things and the increasing number of connected devices bring with them both opportunities and challenges for digital transformation within companies and athletic training. Cybersecurity is an essential aspect of success of this transformation.

Hardware and software tools to defend against people trying to breach computer systems will improve with increased innovation, but human ingenuity and computing power will catch up and unveil new challenges to security and the privacy we seek to protect. People will then need to work to defend against those.

As we continue to improve our technology and ourselves, it is important to remember that progress is not only about achieving the best optimal outcome, but also about using our advancements in a responsible and ethical way. While not everyone is seeking elite athlete status, machines and their data – often data about individual people – will continue to progress toward becoming more like humans.

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Ms. Heather Noggle

Codistac is a process solutions company that interweaves technology and human experience to find unique answers to each customer’s most vexing problems in the areas of software, data integration, and cybersecurity. Heather offers 25 years of expertise including experience in software technology, human resources, culture building, writing, and music theory education, and she effortlessly connects all of these things together with engaging and humorous storytelling.

Heather enjoys speaking and writing about cybersecurity and human behavior.

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