The whole new world of Industry 4.0 : The Data led

The video below highlights true power of harnessing the collective potential of data. The data takes centre stage and is used to find new insights by connecting different pieces creating an awe-inspiring experience.

According to the experts, we are now accumulating so much data that we are at the dawn of a new era of data-driven decision making where all human biases can be avoided. Perfect decisions can be made and, most importantly, key events can be anticipated.

Welcome to the world of Industry 4.0…!

Industry 4.0 is not merely a buzzword; it represents a paradigm shift, where organizations capitalize on the vast data generated by machines, processes, and people. This data serves as a goldmine of possibilities when contextualized and analysed, unveiling invaluable insights that pave the way for monetization opportunities.

? Breaking Data Silos: Unleashing the Full Potential of Information ?

Despite of availability of abundant data, one of the most significant challenges hindering progress is the presence of data silos. These isolated pockets of data scattered across departments and systems restrict collaboration, impede innovation, and obstruct growth. It’s time for businesses to recognize the critical importance of breaking down these barriers and fostering a unified data ecosystem.

Though the video is trying to put data as a dangerous weapon in the hands of wrong people (breaching privacy), we must understand that everything has two sides to it, just like a coin has.

While emphasizing the positive aspects of the data can enhance our methods of operation and generate fresh opportunities to increase value, we must also remain vigilant about the negative aspects and construct robust safeguards to shield our data and systems from potential threats.

? Strengthening Data Security

Formulating your digital transformation roadmaps without adequate security measures amounts to inviting greater risks instead of creating value. Data scattered in silos can create security vulnerabilities. Centralizing data within a secure and controlled environment enhances data protection and ensures compliance with industry regulations.

“Without data you’re just a person with an opinion.” – W.Edwards Deming.

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About the Author:

Mr. Hemant Patil
Head of IoT – Kagool, UK.


Mr. Hemant is a Subject Matter Expert for Smart Factory and is an evangelist for Industry 4.0 solutions for the manufacturing industry He carries 30 years of rich experience of design and deployment of Plant floor applications and IT systems using varied technologies. During his professional career, Hemant has served many manufacturing giants and have delivered complex IT programs and projects globally for Auto, Aero, IHM, Steel, Refineries and Process industry. Hemant has a passion of working as a catalyst for the organisations to embrace digital transformation leveraging Industry 4.0 principles and framework, and he loves to mentor teams on this journey. Hemant finds time to write technical articles and travel blogs on leading industrial magazines like Automation World, EFY and the digital platform of LinkedIn.

Mr. Hemant has been associated with premier organizations such as GE and TATA throughout his career and has served reputed logos globally.

Mr. Hemant currently heads the IoT business at Kagool, UK.

Mr. Hemant is a B.E. Computer Engineer from Pune university and has completed his graduation from a pioneer institute, Pune Institute of Computer Technology, in the year 1991.

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