About the Book “Future of Work “ : 

 In this urgent, transformative and relevant book, Prashant sets out multiple viewpoints, their span spectrum and extremely important ideas for how the future of work will emerge and evolve to create and capture your effort’s value, amplify authenticity and maximise your gains for years to come.

Prashant has spent years investigating and learning the cause and effect of technology on strategy, culture, and people, across continents. Based on his learning experience of working with hundreds of clients, cultures and industries across 40+ countries, he has shared salient ideas of what must be done in order to build your organisation’s and your #FutureOfWork i.e. FOW.

He has shared his precious ideas in five parts in this book. Each of five parts has been further elaborated as chapters. Each chapter is a scale of “From” and “To”. You will find that you will be at a different point on that scale compared to others, its fine. “Words of Wisdom” at the end of each chapter are ideas that will make a difference in your life, when internalised.

In the first part, he articulates a crystal clear description of “challenges” that individuals, teams and organisations face today. In the second part, keeping “empathy” at the center, he focuses on “feelings” of people and groups. Often, “feelings” are missed out, but are the MOST important part of the future of work. In the third part, building on his ideas of innovation of time and space, “structure” of the future of work is explained. Once you build self-awareness after these learning’s, the fourth part is the solution, “tools”. Tools that are available to reduce time, increase quality and reduce your cost of solving problems. Finally, he lays out strategies, to build your purpose for the future of work.

He shares ideas not for defining the purpose of the employer, but employees, interns and future employees too. Remember, purpose is more powerful than power itself. As Prashant makes clear, where we live, where we work and where we earn is disjoint, disconnected and disrupted.

Building Future of work will not be simple and easy to do, but if you follow the ideas that he shares here, it is a goal certainly within your reach.

Tech Insights :

By 2050 the world population will be around 10BN. And this population will not work the way they work today or have been working for the last two decades. They will be more creative, use machines to do lower-order jobs and will work towards making the earth green. This means machines will be more empathetic than today.

To build empathy in machines, applications will become persuasive. Developers will bring social and behavioural aspects of humans into design considerations. Architecturally, edge computing will become prevalent to transform every industry like automobile, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and agriculture by making technology inclusive…. A rising trend of this can be observed by chip shortage that the world is facing now across the industries….

About the Author

Mr. Prashant Pandey, known as Aki-san in Japan, is a technologist, author and inventor. Learn, share and care are his values. His mission is to apply emerging technology to solve business problems and improve lives. He has lived, worked and earned in USA, Canada, Israel, India and Singapore. Professionally, he helps clients to build the future of work to transform their security, productivity and employee experience. He is a passionate emerging technology leader and evangelist with proven records in embedded systems development, enterprise and technology architecture design.

Academically, Wharton has permitted him into CTO Leadership program. IIM Calcutta, India taught him executive sales and marketing management. NIT Patna, India made him Electronics and Communications Engineer. Manoj Vasudevan, world champion of public speaking & Toast Masters International Club, Singapore taught him Public Speaking.

He shares his innovation and technology expertise with emerging founders at startup-o.com, Asia’s leading startup nurturing platform. He already has contributed to the cause of education and wants to touch 1000 lives by supporting their education and mentoring. For fun, he reads, rides bike and travels.

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Email : [email protected] , Phone : +65 9788 6658

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