Intelligent Manufacturing – Smart Choice : A Synopsis

Industry 4.0 is the biggest structural change of the past 250 years — a transformation of scale, scope and complexity unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

Industry 4.0 is a critical element of the overarching Digital Supply Chain that will define the future across all industries and every aspect of our lives.

Adopters of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) tech gain competitive advantage and achieve quantifiable benefits from their investment. And yet, the number one challenge many organizations face while trying to make the decision is building the business case with regard to making their operations more agile, efficient, visible, user-friendly, flexible, scalable, resilient, and sustainable.

My newly launched book titled ‘Intelligent Manufacturing – Smart Choice’ presents an unbiased platform supporting a guided approach to exploring the benefits of digital transformation, the technical aspects of Industry 4.0 for the manufacturing industry. It covers new technology drivers such Digital Twins, AI, Analytics, ML, Predictive Tools, Agile Planning and Scheduling, Big Data, VR, MES, Cloud platforms, and so on.

A brief intro to our entire ecosystem, a methodical design approach to digital transformation, contents & nature of data exchange at various levels.

Also, it covers conventional and new system architectures, and various models of system integration to overcome challenges and mitigate any risk faced by industry with use cases.

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About the Author:

Mr. Sunil K. Wadhwa
Principal Consultant – Eviden

A Chartered Engineer with over 30 years of Global experience in IT-OT Convergence with Integration for manufacturing industry. My goal is to empathize and understand the real-world business needs of our industry and provide IT- OT integration solutions and services with utmost diligence and quality at scale.

I was fortunate to travel to many countries in last 30+ years during my professional career and learn while working with professionals in Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, and IT & OT systems. Engaged in consulting services for several years with industry in finding business use cases of Shop Floor/ Process Data over Layers 1-4 using innovative
Technologies such as Industry 4.0/MoM/MES/DCS/PLC/ SCADA/ Mobility / Edge / Cloud Computing/ Smart Sensors that suits and aligns with their business model and strategy.

Mr. Sunil K. Wadhwa is Bestowed with the following Licenses & Certifications :

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