The good old Agile Manufacturing Processes and The World of Manufacturing

What is Agile Manufacturing?


Agile manufacturing processes enable an organization to respond quickly to customer needs and the market changed by equipping it with require processes, tools and training the workforce.


The very usefulness of agile processing lies in developing of manufacturing support technology that allows the designers,  marketers and the production personnel to share a common database of parts and products, to share data on production capacities and problems—particularly where small initial problems may have larger downstream effects.


Why is it around?


Agile manufacturing is seen as the next step after lean manufacturing in the evolution of product manufacturing life cycle.


As is evident, the existence of agile processes in manufacturing is dying to the rapid results they generate. The ability of a process to lead to rapidly manufactured, customized and high-quality products decides the extent of its agility and relevance.


Markets today change very quickly, organizations which can not adapt will be sidelined, they might lose their edge altogether. In combination with lean processes which are aimed at cutting costs and resource intensivity, agile processes bring speed and adaptability to the system.

Does Agile Manufacturing Have a Future?

Definitely they do!

The business competition will only intensify from this point. With the rising tide of consumerism, only the organization which can dole out adaptive, economically priced and green products, will prevail. Agile processes, hence, are here to stay.