If you are in manufacturing, I only have one question for you….

If your competitors leverage Generative AI (ChatGPT or others) to understand and manage their business or change the way they engage with customers and you don’t… How will you compete?


As the consumer, imagine being able to ask:
– “I really like the fashion style of Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair – what do you have that would look similar?”
– “My TV’s volume is super quiet when using the Netflix app, but not when watching cable TV. What should I do?”

As a B2B customer, imagine Being able to ask :
– “Does your company perform regulatory compliance services? If so, do you have any examples related to 21 CFR Part 11?”
– “How does your company’s XYZ product compare to ABC? Why should I choose it?”

As a frontline worker, imagine Being able to ask :
– “Why did The Palletizer on Line 6 stop and how should I fix it?”
– “Create operating instructions and safety checklists for all the machines in Line 1 summarized by operational function in both English and Spanish.”
– “We are short one operator on Assembly Line 2 in the Dallas, TX plant – what is the best way to repurpose the existing two operators to cover the tasks and maximize output?”
– “My PLC5 ‘PROC’ light is red – how do I fix it and who is my local support contact?”

As a business leader, imagine being able to ask:
– “How will our data privacy policies need to be updated to comply with the proposed changes to federal and state consumer privacy laws?”
– “What are the top five differences between our top-performing facilities and our bottom-performing facilities?”
– “Where are we having the most sales success in terms of win ratio and sales cycle? Organize answers by industry, product line, geography, and competitors.”
– “Summarize our 10-K report into less than 500 words in layman’s terms”
– “Compare our 10-K to that of our top 10 competitors and summarize the main areas where we are ahead and behind”
– “Which department activities are most aligned with our strategic pillars?”

What creative ways are you thinking about using Generative AI for your company?

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Mr. Jeff Winter
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Jeff Winter is an Industry Executive for Manufacturing with Microsoft where he acts as an industry advisor helping manufacturers across the US digitally transform at scale. With over 15 years of experience working for different industrial automation product and solution providers, Jeff has a unique ability to simplify and communicate complex concepts to a wide range of audiences, educating and inspiring people from the shop floor up to the executive board room.  As part of his experience, Jeff is also very active in the community of Industry 4.0. 

Jeff is a part of the International Board of Directors for MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association), he is in the leadership committee for the Smart Manufacturing & IIoT Division of ISA (International Society of Automation), he is a U.S. registered expert for IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) as a member of TC 65, and also part of Purdue University’s Smart Manufacturing Advisory Board.

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