PPT (People, Process and Technology) is a framework that was developed in the 1960s to help improve operational efficiency of employees and tools.

Recently this framework has gained in popularity with companies working through Digital Transformation, and it is easy to see why! Companies (and business leaders) have learned that Digital Transformation is more complex, more difficult, and requires a lot more energy than had been anticipated. As most successful Digital Transformations would attest, it is far more than just the using cool new gadgets and technologies.

Digital Transformation is about redefining a company’s strategy and cultural mindset to embrace change and utilize technology along the way to accelerate the creation of more value (for clients and stakeholders).

Industry4o.comThis PPT (People, Process and Technology) framework is about balancing (or juggling) three different elements that must work together cohesively to pull off a successful transformation.

People – The human resources at the firm’s disposal – completing the tasks established by the processes, often time utilizing technology. People will need to upskilled and reskilled to perform their existing jobs better and transition more efficiently into the jobs needed for tomorrow.

Process – The steps or actions required to achieve a particular goal or objective. This really answers the “How”. The idea here isn’t just to create new processes, but instead to streamline, simplify, and reduce existing processes. For every new process created, you should find at least two to remove!

Technology – The tools that people use to implement the processes. Often thought of as the quick and easy way to solve a problem, technology won’t accomplish much without the people and processes around to support it. Don’t get caught letting technology lead the transformation – Let the transformation guide the selection and application of technology. According to Accenture, only 14% of businesses in the United States use their technologies to their fullest potential.

The balance between all 3 elements is critical!

About the Author :

Jeff Winter

Jeff Winter
Industry Executive, Manufacturing


Jeff Winter is an Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation Enthusiast | Business Strategist | Avid Storyteller | Tech Geek | Public Speaker

Jeff Winter is an Industry Executive for Manufacturing with Microsoft where he acts as an industry advisor helping manufacturers across the US digitally transform at scale. With over 15 years of experience working for different industrial automation product and solution providers, Jeff has a unique ability to simplify and communicate complex concepts to a wide range of audiences, educating and inspiring people from the shop floor up to the executive board room.  As part of his experience, Jeff is also very active in the community of Industry 4.0. 

He currently is a part of the International Board of Directors for MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association), the leadership committee for the Smart Manufacturing & IIoT Division of ISA (International Society of Automation), a U.S. registered expert for IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) as a member of TC 65, and part of Purdue University’s Smart Manufacturing Advisory Board.

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