Pawn are the most underestimated, underutilized resources in the world of chess as well as in the real world as well. Pawns form more than 50% of population in any organization and hence are extremely critical to understand as you have to deal with them every day for may be more than 50% of your productive time and yeah it’s even more important in case you are the one yourself.

Industry4o.comThe champions of chess are always known for depending on pawns to win a game. The key lies in using them most efficiently and effectively. So let’s have a look at the pawn characteristics:

1. Most often pawns make the first move in any game of chess, other than the rare circumstances where people open with a knight. Real life is also no different as pawns are the first in their category. With this perspective at entry level hire everyone is a pawn.

2. Pawns throughout the game have a very daunting task of preventing the king and till the time a battle lasts the pawns will continue doing so at the cost of their own life. Now in real life as well they are the most devoted, committed employees who will serve the organization till they themselves last.

3. When it comes to discipline, you need not look beyond pawns as all they know is following orders at the cost of their own life or their careers, most of the pawns are not too ambitious and hence they end up moving a couple of boxes or couple of  promotions in real world. As in the chess world as well the pawns only move forward and they can never move backward from where they have been asked to stand.

4. Most of the times the Pawns are moved only to provide better attacking capabilities to other strong players and sometimes sacrificed too. A Pawn shall be aware of the same and shall ensure that they are not misused like this

5. The Pawns, get deadly when they reach the enemy’s territory and acquire powers of  Queen, armed with all weaponry and ammunition to confiscate the opponent King. This proves the power that a pawn can acquire in case of steady growth and unique positioning supported by peer pawns and protected by a Bishop, Rook or Knight– hence for a Pawn to grow either they need a strong Peer support (of a large group) or they have to have a God Father

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