AI-The road ahead for Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence is being productively used and is slowly impending into the manufacturing industry as the: Data driven discovery and analysis in the Manufacturing sector can increase knowledge and efficiency and challenge the social values related to privacy and the monetization of personal information.

AI in manufacturing facilitates to conquer many internal challenges that have been around in the industry, from expertise shortage to complexity in decision-making, issues related to integration, and overloaded information. Making use of AI in manufacturing plants enables businesses to transform their proceedings completely.

AI in Manufacturing Industry

AI alone is not enough to build all in the manufacturing industry. AI automatically gets combined with ML (Machine Learning), IoT (Internet of Things), which can lead to a massive change in the Manufacturing industry.

For instance, the foremost thing that we are all looking forward to is Selfless-Driving Cars. Well, talking about selfless driving cars, we come across many theories as to how it can be enhanced to reduce the risk of accidents and in case of decision-making. Interesting yet unique research by a team of engineers from ULL(University of La Laguna) says that self-steering cars can sense the road using a unique technique called Ant Colony Optimization(ACO).

According to Rafael Arnay (Author of ULL), the ants leave a stream of pheromones as they move ahead, which can be smelled and detected by fellow members. These pheromones evaporate over time, meaning the path used by ants that move to and from the food source over the shortest distance is the most deeply reinforced by these chemical substances, and so is the one chosen by the other ants.

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β€œThe ACO technique is based, similarly, on a colony of artificial ants, in other words, computational agents that work cooperatively and communicate with each other by means of artificial pheromone trails,” explains Arnay.

If this technique gets adopted, we would be in a world where the need for drivers would not be needed.

The manufacturing sector goes beyond all this. It looks into another aspect that is known as Digital Twin. The Digital Twin concept is a different yet interesting one. Digital Twin is the concept where you put in your idea or physical asset with the AI to get a better insight into the machines or equipment using sensors. To make a digital twin of any physical asset, we need collective information about the physical asset, the manufacturing data, and the analytic data, which is then combined with the AI algorithm to understand the physical asset better.

Thus with the consistent flow of the data the digital twin will give us a live model of the physical asset or equipment we want.


AI will be a big disrupter in the Manufacturing Industries into the future by bringing in efficiency, cutting down costs, and achieving huge economies of scale.

Artificial Intelligence is not about how leading sectors like manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail or Automobile can be simplified; it is about how efficient each sector can get and how each of these sectors can grow in the coming future. AI adds values to each data provided to its algorithm to ensure that the future unfolds for a better living.

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