How Logistics and SCM Industry Manufactures are leaning towards Agile and Green

Logistics and Supply chain management systems are the backbone of the manufacturing industry as a whole. They provide the concrete that builds the industry and helps it thrive.


An agile supply chain is network based, virtual, market sensitive and process integration oriented.


It is an operational strategy for inducing flexibility and velocity to the supply chain. Facilities which follow this approach are generally market driven, conduct extensive market research and short development and introduction cycles.

Agility supply chains are needed in environments which are rather unpredictable and need to meet volatile product demands.


The Green Supply chain management strives to incorporate the environmental idea at every stage of the product and service in a Supply Chain.


As is well known, the very function of logistics is to provide the right product, at the right time and at the right cost. Agile Logistics strives to operate best with activities within and across companies, powered by a flexible supply chain. It aims to be as responsive as possible to the customer’s demands.


On the same page, the high cost of energy is the main reason behind the advent of Green-SCM processes. Many organizations have increased their multi-modal transportation i.e. using marine and railway transportation more and lesser air and truck transportation to maximize environmental and business benefits.


Most Logistics and transportation providers who implemented GSCM practices, observed reduced energy consumption, reduced wastage and reduced overhead on the packaging.


In a nutshell, the all-new agile and green Logistics and SCM sector is not only shouldering its responsibility to the environment but also thriving at the same time!