How are Agile Manufacturing trends changing the face of Logistics and SCM?

Agile manufacturing is quite resources intensive.

Keeping this fact in mind, one does wonder, in a world driven by outsourcing, why would anyone want to follow the completely in-house route?

Well if you are in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management industry, You Do.

What trends are we talking about here? Where did they come from?

A highly spearheaded and customized agile process for in-house manufacturing is the trend we are talking about here.

Considering the amount of data we have access to today, thanks to the advent of Big Data, it is easier to understand what the market is providing and what the clients seek.

This gap between what is being offered and what is desired is the margin where a manufacturer flourishes.

So what do these trends change?

Let’s see, if you know what exactly your end-client wants, at which exact point you can minimize wastage and on which factors, which features get you the most profit and which mistakes to avoid and so on, it’s easy to see how it will benefit your organization.

The agile processes are now data-driven and as we all know, numbers don’t lie!