Due to the global competitive environment, the chemical industry is beset with formidable challenges. At present, the chemical production sector is undergoing a huge digital transformation. At this stage, the question doesn’t arise for whether to implement smart manufacturing technologies and adopt Industry 4.0 platforms, but how and where to begin with the implementation. To take up the implementation of the technologies based on the fourth Industrial revolution, the investors in the chemical industry may view it as a requirement for additional funding. This may make the companies face higher capital investments and struggle to maintain their market share. This makes the chemical industry face financial limitations to completely adopt digital transformation of their plants.

Industry4o.comBut what if there was a technologically advanced solution that completely transformed the chemical manufacturing business without burning holes in the investors’ pockets along? The industry would witness a burgeoning demand for the solution, transforming the entire chemical sector. Brabo Manufacturing Connectivity &Intelligence Platformis one such state-of-the-art solution to the smart manufacturing needs of the industry. The open Integration architecture software is a platform of platforms that is meticulously engineered by the in house team of maverick technologists at Solulever, a Dutch technology startup. Brabo is a Manufacturing Connectivity & Intelligence platform that is developed to suit different business types, whether large enterprises or small scale businesses to fit into their specific budgets.

The Software platform has two main variants-Brabo Edge Platform for large sized manufacturing plants and Brabo Factory Cloud for small and medium sized manufacturing plants for large enterprises and the ‘as-a-service commercial model’ for small and medium scale sites. With the Data volumes and the need of real-time use cases of large-sized plant,an Edge heavy proposition fit well.Brabo is the answer to their queries as it stores the operational data on the edge, making the data transfer prompt for real-time analysis, which enhances the efficiency of the chemical processes. On the other hand, medium and small plants benefits much better with a cloud heavy strategy, with faster speed to value and opex-oriented financials. For such companies, Brabo comes to an aid by providing predictive maintenance to reduce the operational expense and increase the overall efficiency for the operations.

Brabo provides bundled pricing options which suggests that the product can be integrated based on the different use cases of the company, platforms, and appliances for which it is being used. The product eliminates the scope of vendor lock-ins for the manufacturers, allowing them the flexibility to integrate Brabo with their existing technology landscape. Owing to Brabo’s ability of data-mashups, providing the churned data to the developers, and to generate instant custom dashboards and reports, the organizations can reap the many benefits of integrating it with their existing platform. This suggests that the businesses can save themselves from investing huge amounts into cloudbased infrastructure and OEM-led lock-ins. Being the most coveted solution for transforming your chemical manufacturing business, Brabo is the go-to product to make your enterprise steer through the competition.

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A venerated business leader, Jitesh is the co-founder & CEO at Solulever, with over 20 years of entrepreneurial & intrapreneurial experience in the software, IT Services and consulting industry.

Prior to founding Solulever in 2019, Jitesh played business leadership roles across the world with global IT services and consulting majors, namely Capgemini, Hexaware, Wipro and TCS.

Jitesh holds a master’s degree in business administration from IIM Bangalore, and bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from REC Kurukshetra.

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