Leadership Lessons From A Successful CEO

youtubeMission and Vision : Grow Profitably as a Global Manufacturer, with a fusion of Tradition and Innovation. Be first to Adapt and Change to Market Dynamics

Measures towards Mission & Vision: Defined the Product and Market Space, with both Capability and Capacity modelling, measures those are critical to success. Value Chain alignment with QCD as the neural center to meet customer requirements at the quickest possible time by identifying and integrating back-end and front-end partners. Identified Talents to be nurtured to meet Business Growth & Profitability, with clear structures and responsibilities. Retention and Exit Strategies for Products, Markets, Orders and People.

industry4o.comImportance of 5-year plan: A solid 5-Year plan should be in place with clear definition of Profitability, Revenue & Growth Targets for both People and Organisation, and categorical identification of Products, Markets, Customers and an aligned Organisation Structure.

Change Management: Study and Orient to appreciate good and to identify improvement possibilities. TEAM re-orientation towards objectives and measurements using SMART (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound) Goals. Collective Review system with Ownership driven culture. Involve and Engage resources in Optimising Leadtimes and Financial results.

Competition & Differentiation: In a Global Market place, the space is highly dynamic. At front end, though there are both Direct and Indirect Competition, aim is to treat every player as a potential collaborator. Within the Competitive space, focus on Niche and Growing Markets, recognizing Commoditized segments. Flexible and Professional engagement with customers who appreciate Culture and Value Systems. Quick Adaptability with openness and transparency to discuss and accept changes to be recognised as a dependable partner.

Challenges the industry will face in the next 5 years: Ecological Balance continues to be the primary challenge for all core sector Industries. There needs to be a collaborative approach from all stake holders to achieve socio-economic goals and still meet environment -imposed requirements. This apart, Capital Investment may become dearer and hence, efficient and effective utilisation of resources will be key to deliver profitable growth. Sustainability will then fully rest on ones ability to asses market trends and act swiftly, including that of letting go.

Helpful Technological Platforms and Tools: E-commerce and IOT – converting the organisation into a Digital Workplace. People understand benefits of such change and are happy to be part of this transformation.

Innovative Product Come Across: Realtime assessment of process measurements using sensors and like devices, integrating them to MIS for Decision Making and Daily Routine Management, saving quite a bit of precious time, improving data integrity and accuracy.

industry4o.comRationale before big financial decisions and criteria to decide investments: Work backwards and understand the interest and ability of the Market to absorb the costs is primary to any Financial Decision. As a believer in Zero-Debt, funding should always be from internal accruals. Flexibility to Change and Ease of Exit is also critical, prior to any large Financial Decisions.

Handling Failures: Get feedback from Customers and Go back to the strategy board to re-do the SWOT/ 4Ps (Product/ Price/ Place and Promotion) and 5 Forces (Customer, Competitor, Regulator, Supplier and Stake Holders) Analysis. This will be supplemented by a Root Cause Analysis. Its also important to be transparent with both internal and external stake holders about the results and progress. As a worst case, even try to withdraw from the product/ market.

Plan to sustain Growth and Success: Build a fundamentally strong organisation, with people who are adaptive to changes in market place and adopt them with ease, apart from maintaining good relationships with all stake holders.

Definition of Culture: Integrity, Innovativeness and Industriousness.

Meaning of Excellent Work Place: High level of transparency, with participative management from all across in which people have encouragement to try and fail, but are sure to learn from the failures and not repeat them.

Most crucial aspect of Corporate Culture: Integrity, Discipline, Hardwork and Mutual Respects are the most important aspects of a Good Corporate.

Expectation from the team: Mutual appreciation and High level of Connect with love and commitment towards Customer and Organisational Goals & Objectives.

Voice of the Team: Openness is the hall mark, in which people feel free to exchange ideas and give opinions during walk-arounds. In a very structured way, People are integrated into the Business Process and encouraged to communicate all across. When it becomes a system, people shed their inhibitions and interpersonal relationships are highly respected and regarded.

Best Way to Build High Performing Team: Encourage freedom with responsibility, with clearly defined metrics and an achievement driven culture. Leadership should Involve, be involved and facilitate.

To keep the Team Happy and Engaged: Results and Recognition, Rewards apart. Be Specific about what the TEAM should deliver and support them to deliver.

Admired Role Models: People who demonstrate mutual respect and high level of integrity, with commitment towards excellence are natural role models. There are many starting from Family, Superiors, Leaders and Sports Personalities.

Choice of an Organisation: Market/ Social Standing, Image, Culture, Value Systems and Opportunity to Grow the Organisation Profitably.

Proudest Moment: Multiply Growth and Profitability with involvement of People from all across, raising the Bench Marks to newer levels.

Challenges Faced and Solutions: Objectives and Tasks are well defined always in Organisations. Its only cumulative efforts that can help achieve Organisational Goals. Nevertheless, it should also be seen as a Collection of Individual Efforts. Many a times, socio economic and educational back ground becomes a barrier to get acceptance from Superiors and the Team.

Its important to gel well within and across the Teams, by overcoming individual apprehensions. Usually its easy to gel within the team and vertically. Across Teams, calls for a very different approach, and happens mostly only due to personal relations. Therefore, Inter personal relations are critical to succeed and to be accepted as a Fair and Just Professional.

Undaunted support and Mentoring from Superiors and Capability to improve Business Processes first and Businesses next as Qualified Professional

To Relax: Spend a lot of time with Young Members of the TEAM as part of Mentoring, Quality time with Family and a few hours of Learning and Sharing on weekly basis.

Enjoyments outside Routines: Market Analysis and Strategic Planning looking at SPEELT Trends (Socio Political Education Economic Legal and Technology Trends), share it with the Team and like minded Professional Friends. Management Articles writing. Education and Training as a Personal Social Responsibility.

Daily Routine & Motivation: Wake up at 04.30am, 5 days a week. Habits are very regular and controlled – Meditation, Exercising and Yoga. Believe every day offers a great scope to Change, Innovate, Improve, Learn and Share.’

Why Meditate: Yes, very regularly. Helps to keep ourselves grounded, be realistic, appreciate fellow humans and recognize all good things around us.

About the Author :


Managing Director & CEO
Flow Link Systems (P) Ltd

a Voith Group Company

Chairman – Shri Avinashiappar Trust
Vice President – Coimbatore Management Association
Past National Secretary – The Institute of Indian Foundrymen.

Dr. Nithin has about 35 + Years of Experience in Engineering Manufacturing organizations. He has worked for LMW Group, L&T, Hitachi & CRI Group. He is considered to be a Professional with a rare blend of Intrapreneurial Orientation, having been a Business Head across Engineering Manufacturing Organisations / Industries.

Dr. Nithin is a Member in Governing Council / Board Of Studies of Universities and Management Institutions as a Management Expert.

Dr. Nithin is part of various industrial associations and professional bodies; he is credited with playing a leading role in bringing land mark changes in Export Incentives, Classification of MSMEs, CPCB Norms, Waste & Disposal Management. He also plays a pivotal role in training and development of educated Youth seeking employment opportunities.

Dr. Nithin Leads a team that turned around a division and a Company, and in establishing large scale projects as bench marks in industry (This Business has won several awards at National & Regional Level which includes – Indian Foundry of the Year, Young Foundryman and Foundryman Awards, 4Star Award from CII, Green Award & Safety Award from Tamil Nadu Government & at National Level from IIF, First Indian Foundry in the segment to get OHSAS 18001 & ISO 50001 Certification and Many Kaizen awards.)

Dr. Nithin is a Managing Trustee of a Family Managed Trust involved in activities like rendering Food, Shelter, Education and Medicare. Noted for rendering services during Chennai, Kerala, Tanjore & Nilgiris Floods.

Dr. Nithin’s Academics:

  • Ph.D in Management Sciences
  • MBA in Finance & Marketing – Gold Medalist and University Topper
  • BE Mechanical Engineer with Distinction
  • An IRCA certified lead auditor and assessor for ISO 9001.
  • A qualified auditor for EMS, OHSAS & EnMS
  • L&T Future Leaders Training at IIM – C

Dr. Nithin’s Professional Associations:

  • Member & Industry Nominee, Coimbatore Disaster Management Council
  • A Guest Faculty to Premier Management Institutes & Was  Visiting Faculty to IIM – Calicut
  • An examiner for Management Qualifications & Assessor for Management Teachers
  • An acknowledged management trainer and consultant
  • Is a regular Business Column Writer.

Dr. Nithin is a Member of:

  • Foundry Development Council, Ministry of Commerce & Industries, India.
  • Institution of Engineers, All India and Coimbatore Management Association
  • Board of Studies in Universities & Premier Management Institutes

Dr. Nithin is Winner of:

  • The Outstanding Alumni & Distinguished Alumni Awards from PSG Institutions & Bharathiar University.
  • The CMA Golden Jubilee Year Best Manager award for the region.
  • The Best Management Student award and many accolades at National Level.
  • The Mother Teresa Award of Excellence for Young Business Managers.

Dr. Nithin’s Management Interests:

  • Management of Innovation, Corporate Strategic Planning and Manufacturing Management, Green Supply Chain

Dr. Nithin can be contacted at :

Mobile : +9194879 46900

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