Embrace Nature! BIG ENERGY SAVINGS-The Future of Solar is Bright

World׳s energy demand is growing fast because of population explosion and technological advancements. It is therefore important to go for reliable, cost effective and everlasting renewable energy source for energy demand arising in future. Solar power is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the sun gives off far more energy than we need to power everything on earth. As a renewable CO2-free power source, the environmental impact of solar power is significantly smaller than other power generation methods. The impact is mainly related to the production and supply of the special materials and metals that are required to produce solar panels. Solar energy, among other renewable sources of energy, is a promising and freely available energy source for managing long term issues in energy crisis. Solar industry is developing steadily all over the world because of the high demand for energy while major energy source, fossil fuel, is limited and other sources are expensive. It has become a tool to develop economic status of developing countries and to sustain the lives of many underprivileged people as it is now cost effective after a long aggressive research done to expedite its development. The solar industry would definitely be a best option for future energy demand since it is superior in terms of availability, cost effectiveness, accessibility, capacity and efficiency compared to other renewable energy sources. The need of solar industry with its fundamental concepts, worlds energy scenario, highlights of researches done to upgrade solar industry, its potential applications and barriers for better solar industry in future in order to resolve energy crisis.

GREENBUCKS is an initiative by Wockhardt Foundation and PHPL wherewe take our vision of becoming #1 provider of eco-friendly and renewable powersolutions to another level by offering our New Zero Capex and Ope InvestmentModel for providing Solar Energy as alternate source of electricity.Government agencies have been increasing rates on grid supplied energy andthe logical answer is to seek alternative sources of power. Traditional methods ofobtaining solar energy can be very expensive as individual panels can cost lakhs, andhaving a system installed at your factory or building premises can cost crores of rupees.

We have brought to you an opportunity to cut down your electricity bills for thenext 25 years by 30 to 40% of total cost and a single point Service Guarantee which solves every issue with least possible downtime.

The solution to all your electricity bill problems is shining up in the sky. Green Bucks is on its mission to help all the businesses recover from the severe losses incurred due to Covid by reducing their electricity bills substantially and by contributing towards reduction in climate change and carbon footprints on our Environment. What is Green Bucks? Green Bucks is a very special programme started by Wockhardt Foundation and PHPL, under the clean energy segment of the foundation. Our vision with Green bucks is to reduce nation’s carbon footprints by producing and utilising maximum amount of clean energy which in this case is Solar Energy and to help people reduce their utility bills substantially. Why did we choose to perform this venture? Two reasons  everyone has incurred severe losses in various forms due to sudden threat of Covid- 19 in the country. The situation has pushed the counties economy back a few decades. In this time where business is facing challenges, we have a solution. The idea is to reduce the costs incurred by the organisation via the electricity bills. Electricity bill being a major form of expense if cut down can be a boon and give a better scope of survival in the current scenario.

 The constant and excessive abuse of our Mother Nature. Being well aware of the constant climatic changes happening around the world and the carbon footprints increasingly affecting the Ozone layer, finally we stand with a minimal chance to change it. Yet it’s a responsibly that every individual bares to make every change possible to contribute and save our environment Hence the initiative Green Bucks works in implementing the use of clean sources of energy which support in reducing climate change in a much higher percentage than 0.01 Challenges Though the concept of solar energy is known the use of it is rare.

With a thorough survey we have been able to detect a few major challenges. 1) The Capex investment in the panels, Panels are costly, one doesn’t have that kind of capital for investing in the Panels easily, because where the consumption of electricity is high, lakhs and crores worth of panels need to be installed to suffice their consumption requirements. 2) After the Panel cost, the system and logistics costs follow. System cost includes the cables and wiring for connecting all the panels and then this energy being transferred to the final consumption location, an inverter per x number of panels to convert DC (Direct Current generated from solar) into AC (Alternate current which is consumed by people). 3) The Installation Charges of the team that will set up the Solar plant for you. 4) Maintenance Cost as solar panels need Regular maintenance like almost weekly or in !5 days to continue producing with maximum efficiency. 5) Technical Expertise for setting the panels in the most efficient and accurate angle to maximise reception of Solar Radiation. 6) Many Legal formalities Our Solution We are going to take care of all the problems mentioned above with Our New Zero Investment Model .We at Green Bucks present you our New zero investment model where we are going to install solar panels at your location for zero investment and also maintain that plant. In addition, we charge you a reduced Cost per unit of electricity at your factory or commercial buildings. An insight on how the billing system works in our country…. The billing mechanism differs from state to state hence let’s take one state as an example and understand how are we billed for electricity. We are billed for units of electric we consume. The unit cost of electricity differs from meter to meter and there are 3 types of meters in Maharashtra. LT I – Residential Meter LT II – Commercial Meter LT III – Industrial Meter The cost per unit with Discom also increases by 5 – 10% each year. Depending upon the meter type, the average consumption, the location of the unit the tariff rates vary. Just one more concept that is important – NET METERING What is NET METERING? Net metering is a mechanism which allows domestic, commercial or industrial users who generate their own electricity using solar panels to export their surplus energy back to the grid. For Example: – On weekends or public holidays when your offices or factories are shut, the power is still going to be generated by the panels because the sun rises and sets irrespective of a holiday. The energy produced on these days will be transferred to the grid. The units generated will be supplied back to your factory free from the grid. The calculations are output from the grid (- minus -) input in the grid = net energy consumed from the grid for which the customer will be billed by the Discom / local energy supplier. This helps you to reduce your electricity cost by 10% – 30% minimum depending on the space availability and solar radiation reception in your area. We will be considering all the parameters and provide you with fixed electricity cost per unit for the next 25 years (the life span of the panels) without any escalation. Green Bucks is going to make your energy Aatma Nirbhar just like our country along with giving you BIG energy savings. Jab Poora Desh Aatma Nirbhar ban rahahai, toh Aapkyunnahi!

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Dr. REETHA DINESH, PhD, MBA, World Record Holder in Life Skills, Honorary Doctorate in Social Work, PGDBM, Advanced Diploma in Management Research, Global Certificate in Creative Writing.
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