2017 was a happening year for Manufacturing as an industry. Many new technologies entered the scene and revolutionized the market.


  • 360° Vision


The ability to simulate a 3D version of the desired project with a full view vision even before manufacturing it, doesn’t only save money and efforts but also cuts down on resource consumption and saves times. It also provides a great opportunity to innovate and improve the current design.



  • 3D Printing


This revolutionary technology made possible seamless creation of tangible products using a single machine. This technology reduces waste by using recycled plastic and reduces waiting time on replacement parts by making manufacturing quicker. It can be employed to manufacture many kind of products like toys and medical devices.


  • Advanced manufacturing on autopilot: Automation


Automation doesn’t only improve the level of accuracy and productivity beyond human ability, even in environments considered unsafe for humans. Automation is also creating jobs for a re-trained workforce.


Apart from these, there has been the AI revolution which did infuse in the manufacturing sector. However, we have a long way to go before robots become as common place as good old computers.