The world of automobiles has seen unprecedented transformation in the last decade. Coupled with environmental sustainability in purview, policy makers and producers have both come on the same page to develop an electronic breed that switches the entire industry from internal combustion to electric power, reducing tailpipe emissions and eradicating significant carbon trails.

With a contemporary approach intertwined with a futuristic vision, Zyngo was launched to transform the logistics sector by a young & ambitious entrepreneur Mr. Prateek Rao. An MBA & Engineer, Mr. Prateek redirected his niche for science, technology and automobiles to contribute in saving the environment by creating a holistic and sustainable system for the future.

Zyngo, launched in January 2020, has already delivered over 5 lakh shipments leaving a trail of happiness for families but no carbon footprints. Using the latest Kinetic L5 loader, that has the best load bearing capacity in India, Zyngo is wired across Gurgaon, South and West Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Jaipur and is constantly widening its reach.

The start-up has revolutionized last-mile delivery, with its trucks never failing to reach customers on time, irrespective of the climate. Giving a boost to humanitarianism, Zyngo e-vehicles also provide shelters for drivers during bad weather, and allow drivers to deliver uninterrupted. Zyngo is already working in sync with leading e-commerce companies in India that deliver hyperlocally, some of them being Amazon, Big Basket, JioMart and so on.

With more cars being driven every year, it makes e-vehicles imperative for mother Earth. Mr.Prateek has strived hard to bring this change in the logistics sector, and with each passing day, he sees the stage extending in outreach. For instance, e-charging stations are not too far down the road, and are being promoted and used in a massive way all around the world. At the heart of India’s capital city, in Connaught Place, e-charging platforms can be sighted around easily.

Zyngo has 51 e-vehicles at the moment, and is continuously adding to the number. An order of 200 more best in class e-vehicles has been placed, and more regions are continuously being covered.

The Modi government’s FAME II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing for Hybrid and Electric vehicles) is giving Zyngo a lot of hope. The Central government is on the same page with Zyngo’s vision for a sustainable future, and is offering several incentives on higher-powered products. The GST Council slashed the tax on EVs to 5% from 12%, and from 18% to 5% on chargers and charging stations. The Delhi government has also abolished road tax on all e-vehicles in another major move in the sector.

BIS Research has forecasted that the EV market will grow at a compounded annual rate of 43.1%, well-complimented by the growth of charging infrastructure market at 42.4% and battery market at 60.1% between 2019 and 2030. Zyngo calls upon the business players to tap into the immense possibilities in the sector hiring its experience and expertise, providing loading vans with a capacity ranging between 400 kilos to 1 ton. 

The third party logistical market dominates India’s delivery today, with a market share of an astronomical 10 billion in 2020. According to an internal estimate, Zyngo is expected to deliver 150 million packages by 2024 – we welcome you to be a happy seller. In 2020 and with 2021 approaching, e (electric) is the new vogue. Jump the bandwagon with Zyngo!

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