Going Lean and Green: The Manufacturing Sectors on a diet

The manufacturers of today want more than just a company which manufactures. They aim for an organization which would be good for its employees, its community and the environment.


Lean and Green processes are the tools which have been developed to achieve this dream.


Lean processes are the gold standard of manufacturing today. These processes aim at reducing resource intensivity, waste during manufacturing processes and reusing waste in other processes of production.


Green processes, on the other hand, focus on using green raw materials, choosing production processes which produce low emission and use lesser energy. Lowering use of water in manufacturing and using renewable and green energy are among the fundamental goals of such processes.


An increasing number of organizations from all sectors of the manufacturing industry like SCM and Logistics, Discrete Manufacturing, Aerospace Industry and many others are realizing the benefits of combining lean and green processes.


The benefits are obvious: reduced resource dependence, better return on investment ratio, more efficient processes, lower energy bills are some of the major benefits that are the defining factors behind the landslide support these processes are receiving.


On top of all that, most of the existing machines and infrastructure are capable of adapting to the changing scene of manufacturing. Minor to medium investments might be required for upgrading the infrastructure to accommodate green processes but the returns justify it.


In a nutshell, the manufacturing sector is going on a diet and it’s for the better!