Lean Manufacturing is a definite technique to improve business primarily focusing on the actual needs of the customer by preventing waste from being built into the system. Although this method is not new, lean manufacturers have kept themselves a lot higher in the league of rushing merchandise to promote, reducing prices and keeping customers happy. Let’s look at a way to engineer, discover and manage the project for a lean industrial plant that works for your specific necessities.

Why even set up a lean factory?

A lean industrial plant, or lean-oriented production layout, produce a seamless flow of individuals, material, and data. Well-designed lean factories stop the build-up of inventory and excess instrumentation. Lean layouts facilitate visual management. They supply a secure, clean setting to expedite work, despite the finished product being made. Lean environments will have a positive impact on force morale. And it’s all regarding effective use of your time. It’s easier to wash and straighten the worksite once there’s very little within the method of excess instrumentation, tooling, and inventory. A well-designed layout can contribute to the benefit of maintaining a secure and effective geographical point. And, if it’s easier to keep up, it’ll be maintained!


The results your company will expect to examine can disagree from that of alternative corporations. It’ll rely upon wherever you begin and what you place into it. Some corporations value more highly to align operations into a value-stream layout at intervals identical facility. This is often referred to as a brownfield approach. Others value more highly to go in a totally new facility, a Greenfield approach. Whereas the Greenfield approach is desirable to most everybody, it’s not invariably sensible or reasonable. Greenfields have their own series of pitfalls. Whereas it’s nearly easier to possess new machinery put in in an exceedingly new plant, that’s seldom the case. Are you able to accelerate the assembly method to make a window of period to manoeuvre equipment? Are you able to source a number of the assembly to a different facility or supplier? However with the correct level of commitment and designing, you may begin to examine a number of these advantages during a short amount of your time. Listed below are a number of the common advantages you’ll be able to experience visibly.

  • Helps you re-engineer to get the right team to reduce manpower
  • Improves quality as problem-solving techniques are used
  • Better management of the project
  • Line balancing improves efficiency
  • Better space usage in the factory
  • Higher visibility of work
  • Safety becomes easy to implement
  • Better employee morale as work gets recognized

So does that look tempting? But, as an owner be ready to face the resistance to change from the employees. You might have to spend money to make money and find implementation slow. Flawless process building does cost money. Focus on training people about the changes and keep them aware of what’s coming.